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on fatherhood and transitions

Being a father involves a lot of transitions, and, of course, transitions are the key. My wife and I learned early on as parents that just about the time we started learning how to understand our kids, they had already … Continue reading

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on college diets

A few months back a colleague mentioned to me a trend among the guys on campus to be interested in a diet/fitness program they referred to as the “LGN plan.” After he explained it to me I chuckled and forgot … Continue reading

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on bullying, Casey, and guidance

I noticed this story out of Australia screaming around the Internet earlier this week. Apparently Casey, the bigger boy who finally retaliated, has become a bit of a cause célèbre. What the video depicts is horrible on every level, from … Continue reading

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Spring Break

This is the week of Spring Break for the school where I teach. Ironically, where my wife teaches, Spring Break is next week. Our kids are in another district; their Spring Break is the first week of April. We don’t … Continue reading

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on television and life

One of the most incisive remarks I’ve ever read on television is this from Alvin Kernan: “Television is the technological actualization of Plato’s cave, a mass medium controlled by advertising and playing therefore to a mass market, throwing on the … Continue reading

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on the Rob Bell contretemps

I will confess, I’m unlikely to read Rob Bell’s new book that came out today. For all the sound and fury surrounding it over the past few weeks, I doubt that over the long term it will signify much of … Continue reading

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on rhetoric and responses

I should probably say something about the link I posted earlier and the reference to Phil Zuckerman. A week or so ago Mr. Zuckerman published a piece denigrating American Christians. As I noted in a comment on another post, Zuckerman … Continue reading

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On the idea of a blog

It’s been said (by Alex Keaton on “Family Ties,” if memory serves) that people read to learn; the only point of school and tests is to show what they’ve learned. Perhaps more to the point here, one’s reading provides the … Continue reading

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