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on discourse about disagreements

One of the more significant features of the current moment is the extent to which political allegiance has become for so many an all or nothing proposition. It is impossible for some to even acknowledge a weakness in their own … Continue reading

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on finding common ground

There is a marvelous profile of a Democrat in Iowa that underscores much of the problem in our politics today. The problem is the polarization on certain issues that have come to define Left and Right when many people in … Continue reading

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Spiritualism and secular society

The religious fervor with which some groups in our society attack those who seem to advance an opposing point of view has become noteworthy. Civil disagreement and discourse has become the exception rather than the rule. This essay by Joseph … Continue reading

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anti-Semitism, the DNC, and Donald Trump

One of the more puzzling accusations underlying a lot of recent talk about President Trump is that he harbors anti-Semitic animus. At the same time, the support for Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) among many on the left as the new … Continue reading

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On distractions and the political class agenda

Neil Postman’sĀ Amusing Ourselves to Death should be required reading in our entertainment/media saturated society. As bad as it was when he wrote, it’s gotten worse, and it’s led to important changes to the society and cultured foisted upon the bulk … Continue reading

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why language and thought matter

As amusing as this election cycle has been at times, largely due to the clever trolling that has accompanied the presence of Donald Trump, it does demonstrate that the society of the United States has weakened to the point that … Continue reading

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on Trump and evangelicals

Here’s a brief conversation addressing some of the questions that arise concerning the candidacy of Donald Trump and the support of evangelicals. Dr. Jim Eckman is a wise observer of these things, so these 4 minutes won’t be wasted if … Continue reading

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things that keep me up at night (cont.)

The U.S. Department of Education, in concert with the U.S. Department of Justice, have produced an outline of principles they intend to apply to universities covering allegations of sexual harassment. Regrettably, their outline, if implemented, will effectively criminalize a substantial … Continue reading

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Take a deep breath

I take second to no one (excluding loons like Alex Jones) in my skepticism about the expansive state apparatus in the United States. Still, the story out this morning of the NSA collection of Verizon phone records doesn’t rise to … Continue reading

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The country’s in the very best of hands*

I’m pretty sure this passage describes the work of Congress in a lot more cases than just Obamacare: Congress started by trying to pass a massive bureaucratic overhaul of nearly one-fifth of the American economy, stared blankly at thousands of … Continue reading

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