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on white reactions

Very interesting notes on an interview with a professor who wrote a book in 2002 on white reactions to cultural trends. Dr. Swain even suggests a distinction between white supremacy and white nationalism. That she is African-American makes this all … Continue reading

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on climate alarmism

Just a reminder of the large leap between the statement that human activity influences climate and global temperature increases and the apocalyptic alarmist claims about killing the planet. Watch this interview with┬áDr. Judith Curry on climate changes and public policy. … Continue reading

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Bret Stephens on reactions to terrorism

In the category of columnists able to see a bigger picture, along with Megan McArdle we can add Bret Stephens, who very specifically points out how the obfuscation about Charlottesville that people rightly denounced has been routinely overlooked when the … Continue reading

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credit when it’s due

No one will confuse the author with a conservative, but somehow in this column she allowed for some nuance in the discussion of the costs and benefits of labor policy. I wonder what kind of quizzical looks she’ll get at … Continue reading

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McArdle on Damore

One could wish the level of discourse overall in our society was at the level Megan McArdle exemplifies in this column. It shows an awareness and appreciation of both the natural differences that apparently exist between males and females and … Continue reading

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on “identity liberals”

I might have used “identity leftists” since there is very little of liberalism in what the author describes here, but I suppose he wanted to stay consistent with the title of the book he cited at the beginning of the … Continue reading

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