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on news, social media, and over-reactions

When I lived in San Bernardino, I got a first hand view of how news is reported, after a fire in our neighborhood. What I had seen and experienced basically resembled the reported account, but with some meaningful distinctions. It … Continue reading

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on Ben Shapiro

It’s tempting to say there are two “Americas,” one in which Ben Shapiro is a fairly typical conservative commentator (at least in the substance of his thinking; he’s atypically lucid and engaging), and one in which he is a violent … Continue reading

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on the American Dream and black bodies

From what I can tell from current writing, racialists today seem to have fixated on a notion that a black person is reduced in the mind of everyone else to merely their body. Thus a “black body” is just an … Continue reading

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on the Nashville Statement of 2017

A group of evangelical leaders, apparently working along with the CBMW, released a statement regarding marriage, homosexuality, and gender dysphoria, basically iterating in 14 articles of affirmation and denial a traditional view of God’s intent for sexuality and marriage. The … Continue reading

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