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climate change justice

It may not be what you think, if you’re used to claims about how the¬†use of fossil fuels by the industrialized world is threatening the poor in the undeveloped world. The correlations demonstrated in China and India are dramatic, and … Continue reading

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on advice to the Church

This writer put his finger on a problem I think is behind the nagging feeling I’ve been getting lately with each iteration of “advice to the church” couched as “what you need to know about why the young/men/women/singles/parents (etc.) are … Continue reading

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on trust and evidence in the climate dispute (again)

One of the main obstacles to widespread acceptance of the claim that climate change demands immediate and dramatic government intervention is the growing awareness that the claimed scientific basis for the policy is weak. This is why the claim that … Continue reading

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on trust and evidence in the climate dispute

This paragraph from A Chemist in Langely gets at a very important issue in the dispute over policy driven by climate issues: So once again it comes down to communication. The groups have to step out of their comfort zones … Continue reading

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Piketty and income inequality revisited

Early 2013 saw the publishing phenomenon that was Thomas Piketty’s book on capital and income inequality, and for awhile it dominated discussions in the field, not least because it was sold as a¬†definitive demonstration of the inherent immorality of capitalism. … Continue reading

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A prediction for 2015

Welcome to the new year, by the way. I hope it’s off to a good start. And now the prediction, which is that in 2015 “tribalism” will become an increasingly prominent buzzword used in analyzing American society and the behaviors … Continue reading

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