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Government policies and church support

Though prompted by a current set of circumstances in Rome, this comment by Peter Berger points out what has always been a serious, if not fatal, flaw in the rush of many churches, now including many evangelical ones, to promote … Continue reading

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Joke of the day

Understanding religious diversity in three steps: 1. Jewish people don’t recognize Jesus. 2. Protestants don’t recognize the Pope. 3. Baptists don’t recognize each other in a liquor store. h/t “Reformed Trombonist” commenting on this intriguing blog item.

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Bible words in red

I’ve read some jaw-droppingly ludicrous things on the internet, which I suppose is like saying I’ve gotten completely wet diving into a swimming pool. Nevertheless, I assume people who compose and post things on the internet do not intend to … Continue reading

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I could work for this guy

Headline of the day: “Georgia School To Cancel Class Because Of Great Weather”

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It’s her birthday today

Beauty is 11 years old today. She’s a boxer mix who still has a lot of energy. She’s getting pretty bossy in her old age, especially when she wants more attention, which seems to be most of the time. Still, … Continue reading

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It’s a curious thing

We have an older laptop in the house for general use, mostly my daughter who does some homework on it when she’s not skimming Tumblr. This summer it crashed. After getting Windows 7 reinstalled, I let it start updating, and … Continue reading

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