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The can gets bigger the more it’s kicked.


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on the occasion of J. J. Griesbach’s birthday

Johann Jakob Griesbach was an 18th century biblical scholar who did pioneering work in the textual criticism of the Greek New Testament. His work was a major advance in the field, applying principles developed by earlier scholars in a systematic … Continue reading

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It’s not just in New York City

The author of this piece on what has led to homeschooling his sons addresses dilemmas specific to New York City, but a lot of the issues are relevant across the country these days. This is another example of changes coming … Continue reading

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The choice of 2013

“The choice our world will bring home to us is the choice between God and human government. Whom do we put our trust in to make life right for us? The questions we will be faced with are: What is … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

“God has been pleased to reveal himself through the medium of individuals who were fully and completely a part of their respective societies and cultures. The neglect of this one point has been responsible for much misuse and misinterpretation of … Continue reading

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personal liberty and government limits

This story nicely illustrates the danger of creating government agencies with power over personal activity. The AQMD in San Francisco has the authority, apparently, to prohibit private citizens from using their own fireplaces in their own residences. Yeah, that’s going … Continue reading

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religious liberty and government limits

It has long seemed to me that the effort to enact social justice by the power of the government fails to address the nature of government to exalt itself above any other authority, including divine authority. The current administration’s position … Continue reading

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Quote of the day

“Even if lawmakers temporarily avert the fiscal cliff, our fiscal problems will continue until we address the government-directed crony capitalism that is destroying our ability to end the current economic malaise and reclaim our prosperity.” John Fund, “The Mega Scandal … Continue reading

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on the fiscal cliff deal

“The fiscal trajectory of our welfare state is not sustainable, no matter how much taxes go up. That is the truth at the heart of our budget crisis. The fiscal-cliff debate ignored that truth from start to finish, and so … Continue reading

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Things that keep me up at night

include comments like this one: “Higher ed: an obituary,” in The New Criterion, January 2013.

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