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on the passing of torches

Ralph P. Martin, my doctoral supervisor, passed away on Monday this week. I owe a lot to Professor¬† Martin for his diligent and patient guidance as I wrote my dissertation. He represented the best of careful attention to the word … Continue reading

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The accidental tourist (guide) [with apologies to Anne Tyler]

All I said was “Sure, I’ll host a dinner and discussion at my house.” The university where I teach sponsors a conference each Spring semester to focus on integrating our academics with global issues (the Jared T. Burkholder Conference on … Continue reading

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The politics of personal destruction redivivus

Rather than the formulation of von Clausewitz, that “war is the continuation of politics by other means,” too many groups in our country appear to view politics as the continuation of war by other means.

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sarcasm about big government

I understand the logic of those who support an expansive, activist government. I simply don’t accept the implied premise that somehow the United States is uniquely positioned to avoid the pitfalls of creating an expansive, activist government. As much as … Continue reading

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Bob Woodward must be fearless

He obviously is not afraid of being uninvited to parties in the halls of power in Washington, D.C. He must not be afraid of anyone producing evidence to refute him, since they certainly would if they could. Otherwise, it seems … Continue reading

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on why the ruling class is so out of touch

This column by Megan McArdle is very interesting, and I think she’s on to something important, not least because her thesis tracks very closely to one C. S. Lewis advanced in one of his great essays, “Lilies that fester.” Here’s … Continue reading

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My morning workout in Mother Nature’s gym

She keeps the fans on too high, but I’ve learned how to work away from the wind!  

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I saw this on the internet

“Leading Geneticist: Human Intelligence is Slowly Declining.” I wonder why.

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things that keep me up at night (parent edition)

As a father of daughters, the current confusion among young males about what being a man entails bothers me. My daughters will do quite well in whatever they choose to do. I doubt they’ll settle. I hope they won’t pay … Continue reading

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Quote(s) of the day, Big Ten officiating edition

A fan of the University of Maryland noted the end of the era of regularly scheduled Duke basketball in College Park last Saturday, since Maryland (along with Rutgers) is joining the other 12 teams in the Big Ten. As an … Continue reading

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