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family and flourishing

In light of the recent kerfuffle arising from the letter to Princeton women (The original letter can still be found here.), this comment on reactions to a young woman’s pregnancy is also revealing. These stories reveal a cultural attitude toward … Continue reading

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from Cardinal Dolan. Love and truth are distinguishable, but not properly separable.

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“normal” is not always acceptable

How we speak about things does affect how we perceive them, and that is a troubling aspect of the phrase “the new normal” being invoked to describe current conditions. Unemployment, work force participation, college debt, government deficits, and many other … Continue reading

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rabbits in a garden

I have a new understanding of Samuel L. Jackson.

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The country’s in the very best of hands*

I’m pretty sure this passage describes the work of Congress in a lot more cases than just Obamacare: Congress started by trying to pass a massive bureaucratic overhaul of nearly one-fifth of the American economy, stared blankly at thousands of … Continue reading

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They want out of it

now that they’ve seen what’s in it. Regulations, like taxes and consequences, are for the little people. Update: According to a report in The Hill, Congress is disavowing plans to exempt themselves and their staffs, claiming it was a misunderstanding … Continue reading

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a second look at “Big Bang Theory”

(The TV show, not the scientific idea) And a rather deeper look, at that, in this column that explores some of the broad themes at play in the sitcom. Excessive syndication by TBS makes the show feel tired to me … Continue reading

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How are Israelies among the happiest people?

Choosing to accept the world as it is (a correct view of reality), and choosing to look to the future with hope. That’s a good combination for any human person to pursue.

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Who played politics with gun control?

Did you know the reason the for the 60 vote requirement for the gun control bill was to avoid debate on the details of the bill? But under Senate rules, a simple majority vote would have opened the measure to … Continue reading

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born into a culture of rejection

An excellent question is followed by some significant insights in this column: “Are Born Children Suffering the Effects of the Abortion Culture?” The logic of “abortion rights” points inevitably in the direction Ms. Fox identifies. The messages being sent to … Continue reading

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