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on thinking about President Trump

I didn’t vote for Donald Trump as President. I didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton, either. The night of the election I was persuaded she was likely to win. As the night progressed and the indications became clear that she would … Continue reading

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on surveillance of the Trump campaign

Andrew McCarthy summarizes the scandal of opening an counterintelligence investigation on a Presidential campaign. The yawns that will come from the political Left when the reports are released will be very revealing.

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on metaphors about evil

In the exchange below with Bethany Mandel, Harwood is right, obviously, based on literal use of language, but it’s the old problem of taking the President’s words literally instead of seriously. Unfortunately for Mr. Harwood and his ideological allies in … Continue reading

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Trump’s success in a nutshell

Victor Davis Hanson reviews a book on Trump written by Conrad Black. In it he includes this paragraph, which is something I’ve increasingly noted. Black instinctively captures the essence of the Trump paradox: How did someone supposedly so crude, so … Continue reading

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on minorities in the Trump era

The consensus among many opponents of President Trump is that he is deeply racist. For them I wonder if there could be any set of persuasive contrary factual grounds for altering that conclusion. It probably doesn’t matter. What would seem … Continue reading

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on democrats and Kanye West

Jason Whitlock reflects on the significance of Kanye West’s recent tweets regarding thinking for oneself, love, and President Trump. One key significance he finds is the potential for African-Americans to increase their influence on American political policy by becoming less … Continue reading

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on power and sex

Accusations against the former Attorney General of New York, Eric Schneiderman, concerning sexual abuse┬áhave exploded in the news. There are too many angles to contemplate them all. Feminism and #MeToo litigation, male feminist allies and their sincerity, the consequences of … Continue reading

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on women in the church

I’m late to the letter from Beth Moore, but it’s pretty important. It’s also sad to read her apology for not addressing things sooner; I suspect the timing has been in God’s hands. I wonder if being fried like a … Continue reading

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on racism in the U. S. (again)

It’s always helpful to remember when encountering those who are very interested in expanding awareness of certain issues, whether the issues be racial, economic, political, or some other category, that intense awareness of and exposure to one particular issue or … Continue reading

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on racism in the United States

The racist reaction to Kanye West by many who hate Donald Trump has been something to behold. It’s very illuminating about the intersection of race, politics, and power.

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