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A reminder from Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood’s famous appearance at the Republican National Convention had the presidential election in view, of course, but it seems to me that boiled down to its essence, his main point is applicable at every level of the government. reading

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on presence and narrative frame in reporting

One of the most helpful things I ever learned about communication is the significance of presence, that is, what receives attention and focus and how that shapes what is communicated. Visual representation of events is especially important for presence. A … Continue reading

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Not all religious denigration is equal, apparently

Do you remember the movie “Religulous”? You probably didn’t see it, but you may remember how hard it worked to denigrate Christian belief. You may also know Bill Maher made that movie. And of course, Bill Maher is a major … Continue reading

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Sunday morning positivity

The story of Yousef Nadarkhani gripped many people around the world earlier this year. He is a Christian, ministering as a pastor in Iran. He is himself Iranian. He had been sentenced to death for apostasy. It is now being … Continue reading

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on living near a swing state

I happen to live in a small metropolitan area that serves as the media marketplace for a small city in a neighboring swing state. Even though one of my areas of interest is the study of rhetoric and communication, I … Continue reading

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Cardinal Dolan’s benediction

A stirring prayer. Cardinal Dolan is a credit to the faith.

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on Hope

Hope is a significant aspect of human flourishing. Victor Frankl’s experience demonstrates its significance very clearly (Man’s Search for Meaning). The Apostle Paul includes it as one of three key parts of human life (1 Corinthians 13.13). Part of Barack … Continue reading

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Quote of the day, on “trickle down government”

A great capsulization of big governement, cited by Dan Blatt on his site, here:

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How I wish I knew the story

behind this picture: I’ve read a couple interpretations of the young woman’s look, but it seems to me it’s a variation on the face-palms and the chin-stroke of the coaching staff. What happened on the court that has them all … Continue reading

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Quote of the day

“Leftists are all about promoting big government solutions to social problems. Unfortunately for Leftists, big-governments policies are usually disastrous. They tend to have an effect more or less opposite to what they were designed to accomplish. Welfare, for example, has … Continue reading

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