on college diets

A few months back a colleague mentioned to me a trend among the guys on campus to be interested in a diet/fitness program they referred to as the “LGN plan.” After he explained it to me I chuckled and forgot about it. I was once in my early 20’s and would hope that the people around me didn’t take too many of my pronouncements too seriously.

About a week or so ago in the cafeteria someone mentioned to the people at the table his commitment to that plan. Now because of the setting I’m confident he intended not to be taken seriously. Still, I can’t shake the feeling that there’s a level at which this is a real consideration and a tangible reason some guys are pursuing fitness. Now I’m all for good health and staying in shape. That’s good and honors God. But it’s clear from what I’m hearing that those are much lower standards than what’s in mind with the LGN plan.

Allow me to offer a word of perspective. Let’s stipulate first that there will be very few situations in which anyone will know whether or not you’ve accomplished the goal of the LGN plan. A doctor’s office perhaps, the locker room at the fitness club (you’ll need to keep at it, of course), settings like that come to mind.  I’m guessing in those settings you won’t really care if those in a position to know notice that you’ve achieved your goal. In fact, you might prefer they not notice.

So there’s going to be one person, guys, if all goes well, who is both going to be in a position to know and going to be someone you want to notice. Here’s the deal. If you really want to achieve success at the LGN plan, the place to put your effort is not in the gym, it’s in her heart and in your soul. Maintain health and fitness there, and for the only person for whom it really matters, you won’t need six-pack abs and sculpted pecs for her to think you LGN.

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