on television and life

One of the most incisive remarks I’ve ever read on television is this from Alvin Kernan: “Television is the technological actualization of Plato’s cave, a mass medium controlled by advertising and playing therefore to a mass market, throwing on the screen almost totally false images of the world.”

While my wife was watching online, I overheard some of the final night’s discussions from the recently concluded The Bachelor show. In the course of asking questions of the last woman, I guess the one he proposed to, I heard the interviewer/host ask questions about things like “their relationship” and her “love” for him and their “engagement” and “wedding.” It didn’t sound as if things were going well.

I’ll just say this. As far as I can tell from the idea of the show and how it’s run, I can’t imagine any context in which a true relationship and real love are less likely to exist.

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