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on patience

My little garden plot seems to be doing pretty well. There are a few rows of beans and a few of corn, and this past weekend I noticed a tomato plant in the corner I had forgotten. Oddly enough it’s … Continue reading

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late Spring growth

The tension between the way of the world and the way of the word creates a challenge for me, which is related to why I’m pondering the digital and visual world that’s being created. On the one hand there is … Continue reading

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Bringing the hotness

This week Summer has made its presence felt in eastern Nebraska. With all of the concerns about flood levels in the area rivers, hopefully this won’t produce too much in the way of thunderstorm activity that adds to the water … Continue reading

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digital pitfalls

The travails of a certain U.S. Congressman from New York have featured prominently in the news for the past several days. There’s not much useful for me to say about him in particular. As is often the case, Timothy Dalrymple … Continue reading

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on the “digital age”

I’ve been pondering the affect on me of lots of media consumption. There are times when I feel like I watch way too much television, but then there are times I realize it hasn’t been on for a couple of … Continue reading

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