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on minorities in the Trump era

The consensus among many opponents of President Trump is that he is deeply racist. For them I wonder if there could be any set of persuasive contrary factual grounds for altering that conclusion. It probably doesn’t matter. What would seem … Continue reading

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credit when it’s due

No one will confuse the author with a conservative, but somehow in this column she allowed for some nuance in the discussion of the costs and benefits of labor policy. I wonder what kind of quizzical looks she’ll get at … Continue reading

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on unintended consequences

Walter Russell Mead has been a keen observer of society and its arrangements and structures, especially what he calls the “Blue model” of government, where public spending becomes a key support of economic support for certain demographic groups. Notably in … Continue reading

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climate change justice

It may not be what you think, if you’re used to claims about how the¬†use of fossil fuels by the industrialized world is threatening the poor in the undeveloped world. The correlations demonstrated in China and India are dramatic, and … Continue reading

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Piketty and income inequality revisited

Early 2013 saw the publishing phenomenon that was Thomas Piketty’s book on capital and income inequality, and for awhile it dominated discussions in the field, not least because it was sold as a¬†definitive demonstration of the inherent immorality of capitalism. … Continue reading

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on financial peace

In preparation for signing up for a Financial Peace University course this summer, I tracked down this article I remembered from a few years back, just to refresh my memory. It was a good prompt to go ahead and commit … Continue reading

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more on why inequality is the wrong metric

The poor growth rates of the last decade are not the unavoidable consequence of natural events or huge impersonal forces. Many of them stem from our boneheaded choices on regulation and taxation. Simplifying the tax code and easing back on … Continue reading

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Government policies and church support

Though prompted by a current set of circumstances in Rome, this comment by Peter Berger points out what has always been a serious, if not fatal, flaw in the rush of many churches, now including many evangelical ones, to promote … Continue reading

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“normal” is not always acceptable

How we speak about things does affect how we perceive them, and that is a troubling aspect of the phrase “the new normal” being invoked to describe current conditions. Unemployment, work force participation, college debt, government deficits, and many other … Continue reading

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still waiting to see what’s in it

Three years ago, to promote the passage of the PPACA (“Obamacare”), Nancy Pelosi famously said, “We have to pass it to see what’s in it.” (I quote from memory.) Three years later, the country still has no idea what’s going … Continue reading

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