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on mockery

Every once in a while someone writes a column that is so overwrought and wrong-headed that it must be mocked, and by someone who knows how. A New Yorker columnist is the latest entry with a pearl-clutching column about the presence … Continue reading

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on Rebecca Black’s “Friday”

For whatever reason, someone on YouTube has posted the video of Rebecca Black and her song “Friday” from a few years ago, and one of my former students on Facebook linked it. Which gave me a good reason to revisit one … Continue reading

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Joke of the day

Understanding religious diversity in three steps: 1. Jewish people don’t recognize Jesus. 2. Protestants don’t recognize the Pope. 3. Baptists don’t recognize each other in a liquor store. h/t “Reformed Trombonist” commenting on this intriguing blog item.

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rabbits in a garden

I have a new understanding of Samuel L. Jackson.

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another reason I try to avoid flying on airplanes

“The Stupid Things People with a Ph.D. say on Airplanes” Um, to avoid hearing others embarrass themselves, of course, not for fear, uh, of saying really stupid things. Although, I do generally follow the “take a book to read” advice.

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If I had infinite monkeys typing

I still wouldn’t come up with  decent NCAA bracket picks. After a decent 12-4 Thursday, yesterday was 8-8. Apparently the agonizing effort I put into filling mine out was a waste of a good 10 minutes.

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I saw this on the internet

“Leading Geneticist: Human Intelligence is Slowly Declining.” I wonder why.

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Quote(s) of the day, Big Ten officiating edition

A fan of the University of Maryland noted the end of the era of regularly scheduled Duke basketball in College Park last Saturday, since Maryland (along with Rutgers) is joining the other 12 teams in the Big Ten. As an … Continue reading

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on presence and narrative frame in reporting

One of the most helpful things I ever learned about communication is the significance of presence, that is, what receives attention and focus and how that shapes what is communicated. Visual representation of events is especially important for presence. A … Continue reading

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How I wish I knew the story

behind this picture: I’ve read a couple interpretations of the young woman’s look, but it seems to me it’s a variation on the face-palms and the chin-stroke of the coaching staff. What happened on the court that has them all … Continue reading

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