On the idea of a blog

It’s been said (by Alex Keaton on “Family Ties,” if memory serves) that people read to learn; the only point of school and tests is to show what they’ve learned. Perhaps more to the point here, one’s reading provides the tools to think deeply and well, but in writing one is forced to think precisely and clearly.

Perhaps that’s among the reasons I’ve not written a lot. I’ve been largely content to gather tools and material about which to think. Actually working through things carefully enough that I’m willing to commit ideas to writing is a more intimidating proposition.

But I’m inspired by the writing of some friends and colleagues, so I’ve set aside this space to offer a thought or two on things that seem worth commenting on. Kenneth Burke’s image of each person’s life as a brief moment of participating in a great conversation, one started well before we arrive that will continue long after we depart, reminds me that at best I could only be involved in a tiny part of the conversation with the smallest part of its participants. That’s probably best for all concerned.

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