on fatherhood and transitions

Being a father involves a lot of transitions, and, of course, transitions are the key.

My wife and I learned early on as parents that just about the time we started learning how to understand our kids, they had already started to transition into the next stage of their lives and development, which meant our just-learned lessons weren’t going to be useful much longer. Since then we’ve tried to think in terms of helping our kids understand and be prepared to handle themselves through their own transitions.

We’re getting close at this point to some big transitions. Driving permits and licenses, summer jobs, trips to other countries without us with them, college, etc., are all happening right now or in the next couple of years. As a dad I go through phases of having a ton of confidence in their ability to handle themselves or wondering if I’ve managed to help them at all as they navigate the modern world. So far, they’ve repaid my confidence in spades.

Which is nice since my daughter is going to prom tonight. Is this a big deal? Mostly I think not, yet there seems to be something about being a dad that makes it feel as if there’s a transition underway.

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