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Observation of the day, on sexual abuse scandals

Apparently the BBC in the 70’s and 80’s was rife with sexual abuse, which leads to this observation: “The more we hear about what was going on in the era of sexual liberation, the more the Catholic  scandals look like … Continue reading

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Andy Dufresne on the global fiscal situation

and whether Cyprus and the problems in Europe might happen in the U.S.: ‘There are really only two types of men in the world when it comes to bad trouble,’ Andy said, cupping a match between his hands and lighting … Continue reading

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how do you solve a problem like San Bernardino?

Having lived in San Bernardino for 12 years through 90’s into the 00’s, I try to stay aware of what’s going on there. Since last year, most of the reporting has been about its fiscal failings and its efforts to … Continue reading

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more on FAU and incompetence in intercultural communications

The depressing state of affairs vividly displayed at FAU is helpfully described, analyzed, and put in the wider context of higher education in the United States by Greg Lukianoff, whose organization does yeoman’s work in helping students defend themselves and … Continue reading

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on Christians as “the Other” in academia

(Not all of academia, obviously, but far too much of it. And more and more of it as we go.) Anyway, no one would ever confuse the proprietor of the Ace of Spades HQ blog with being a Christian, or … Continue reading

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things that help me sleep at night, or:

“Why Christian Universities are likely to survive the coming shakeout.” Higher Education is facing some stiff headwinds in the near future, given the “new normal” of slow economic growth and high student loan debt that may lead to a new … Continue reading

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on being sick to my stomach

Anyone who has read C. S. Lewis’s That Hideous Strength might recognize the striking similarity between a climactic moment for the protagonist, Mark Studdock, and the recent experience of Ryan Rotela at Florida Atlantic University. What’s most disturbing is the … Continue reading

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Supreme statements on marriage

Today a lot is being said about marriage in front of the Supreme Court of the United States. A lot is said about a lot of things that doesn’t necessarily cohere with the reality of things, though, and that’s likely … Continue reading

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If I had infinite monkeys typing

I still wouldn’t come up with  decent NCAA bracket picks. After a decent 12-4 Thursday, yesterday was 8-8. Apparently the agonizing effort I put into filling mine out was a waste of a good 10 minutes.

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when helping hurts

There is an important role the government needs to fulfill for protecting the vulnerable, but understanding that role properly, as well as thoughtfully considering to whom it should apply, is something that is receiving too little attention in our modern … Continue reading

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