Bob Woodward must be fearless

He obviously is not afraid of being uninvited to parties in the halls of power in Washington, D.C.

He must not be afraid of anyone producing evidence to refute him, since they certainly would if they could.

Otherwise, it seems unlikely he would write a column in the Washington Post newspaper unequivocally saying that President Obama and his chief of staff (now Treasury nominee) Jack Lew lied made inaccurate statements during last fall’s campaign, claiming the sequester was not a White House proposal.

The current hysteria about reducing ~$45-$85 billion from this year’s spending is depressing, frankly, and indicative of much bigger problems with our country’s fiscal situation. That a key to the hysteria is the desperate attempt by both sides to pin blame for the sequester on the other side is another signal that we have a political class focused on keeping power rather than governing.

So Woodward’s apparently irrefutable statement that the idea of a sequester in the late summer of 2011 was put forward by the White House, now that the sequester is being sold as the end of American life as we know it, seems to undermine the basic narrative on offer. It will be ignored in the days to come, whatever happens, but good on the Post for publishing it.

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