on the passing of torches

Ralph P. Martin, my doctoral supervisor, passed away on Monday this week.

I owe a lot to Professor  Martin for his diligent and patient guidance as I wrote my dissertation. He represented the best of careful attention to the word of God and faithful ministry to God’s people as a result of what it said.

He returned to England as I was finishing my project. I think mine was the last Ph.D. dissertation he supervised, at least among his students at Fuller Seminary. Fortunately his legacy is established by his own work, not least his study of the hymn to Christ in Philippians 2.

It was always a pleasant part of conferences to see him and have a chance to talk, even if briefly, as he was generally busy with editorial meetings and other responsibilities. I noticed his absence at the SBL conference in Chicago last fall, and I knew he’d been fighting cancer, so this news is not surprising, though that doesn’t make it any less saddening.

He would be the first to remind us of the promise of the resurrection, so we can surely say “Rest in peace” with hope that we will be reunited in glory.

Ralph P. Martin

Ralph P. Martin (1925-2013)

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