digital pitfalls

The travails of a certain U.S. Congressman from New York have featured prominently in the news for the past several days. There’s not much useful for me to say about him in particular. As is often the case, Timothy Dalrymple raises some useful questions and shows balance and grace.

After the initial shock of hearing about something like this (Brett Favre comes to mind), the first question that comes to my mind, well, after “Really?” and/or “Seriously?”, is something along the lines of, “Okay, setting aside the ick factor and whatever thought process led to the conclusion this was a good idea, why would anyone risk digitizing and sharing with another person a picture like that?” Apparently there is no shortage of hubris amongst the privileged in our erstwhile “Ruling Class,” and a feature of such hubris seems to be the notion of being able to outplay Nemesis.

I have to cop to the typical amount of male vanity, though I will say that having a vocation that includes a lot of interaction with young men in their prime keeps me pretty realistic about my physical rank among the U.S. population. Knowing that I’m not going to win any contests on that score is a helpful thing. This also highlights the blessings of marriage to a godly woman, whose values are in line with God’s plan for married relationship. (See here for an earlier reflection on that point.)

And yet I do want to let her know I’m crazy about her, and as we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words. Maybe a self-portrait might work, at least if this this article has any validity to it.

This is for you, Michelle:


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