on the “digital age”

I’ve been pondering the affect on me of lots of media consumption. There are times when I feel like I watch way too much television, but then there are times I realize it hasn’t been on for a couple of days and I worry about that less. With tv the key issue is the tendency for it to be something to fill up discretionary time, when it’s on for no other purpose. That’s when I worry about that.

More significant I think is web surfing, with so many interesting blogs and topics to link to and read quickly and then move on to the next, possibly related bit. It seems interesting and engaging at the time, but at the end of the hour or so most of it has washed over me with no apparent effect. No effect is unlikely, and I’m concerned to make any effects those that I intend and am aware of. I need to think on that.

The days of 1) paper and ink as the main conduit of ideas and 2) face-to-face conversation with neighbors and friends as a frequently scheduled evening plan are passing away. Neil Postman’s picture of the entertainment culture was prescient. We live in this world and I suspect are equipped to be able to commune with God as part of it. But it will look much different from how I’ve seen it in the past 30 years, and I need to think about that.

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