on the blessing of fatherhood

I’m very blessed as a father. Of course this all starts with the blessing of being married to a wonderful woman. We recently celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary. I would not be the father I am without her, for the biological reasons, of course, but also for reasons of how much I’ve learned from her and with her about caring for others.

It didn’t actually start, though, with marrying Michelle, since my own life is a blessing of being the son of wonderful parents, who I’m fortunate to still have living and active. They are the quintessential salt-of-the-earth type of people, and most of who I am has been built on the solid foundation laid by them. I can’t express my gratitude enough.

Life is a blessing, and a blessed life that the one I’m living is indeed a miracle. How much of a miracle is engagingly illustrated in this Fathers’ Day essay by R. S. McCain. It’s a celebration of life, and it’s something worth pondering.

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