Bible words in red

I’ve read some jaw-droppingly ludicrous things on the internet, which I suppose is like saying I’ve gotten completely wet diving into a swimming pool. Nevertheless, I assume people who compose and post things on the internet do not intend to be jaw-droppingly ludicrous (satire sites excepted, of course), while getting wet is part of the intent of diving into a swimming pool.

Having a vocation that includes instruction in interpretation of texts, I have had the opportunity to use some of those jaw-droppingly ludicrous submissions as good examples of what not to do. A lot can be learned from a bad example, and to the extent we can learn from someone else’s failure, my attitude is yes, please, since I prefer not to embarrass myself.

I have embarrassed others, though, who will go unspecified here, for posting claims about the Bible that are jaw-droppingly ludicrous, and it just so happens that the site celebrating so-called “red letter Christians” hosts some of those people. This post by Derek Rishmawy the The Gospel Coalition site is a useful discussion of the trend, but he handles the discussion in a way that avoids embarrassing anyone. I commend it to you.

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