It’s a curious thing

We have an older laptop in the house for general use, mostly my daughter who does some homework on it when she’s not skimming Tumblr. This summer it crashed.

After getting Windows 7 reinstalled, I let it start updating, and within a couple of days it crashed again. Reinstall and repeat. Same thing after another two days.

I had decided to give it up for dead, but decided to give it one more try, but this time I didn’t let Microsoft updates do anything to it. It hummed along just fine for a week. Then another week. Here were are in the middle of October, and it’s doing just fine.

Now I suppose it’s ripe for takeover by some malicious hacker, except for its age, which likely renders it more trouble than it would be worth. Still, I have to wonder why Microsoft can’t manage to maintain some operating stability with its updates.

Now I need to do a back-up on the computer that just went through the automatic update process.

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