Sunday morning positivity

The story of Yousef Nadarkhani gripped many people around the world earlier this year. He is a Christian, ministering as a pastor in Iran. He is himself Iranian. He had been sentenced to death for apostasy.

It is now being reported that he has been acquitted of the apostasy charge, sentenced to three years for evangelizing Muslims, and, because he’s been imprisoned for three years already, has been released.

Hopefully these reports prove out, and hopefully he and his family will be able to enjoy his freedom from prison. One wonders how free he will continue to be to live and worship and work in Iran. I can’t imagine the struggle he must face, wanting to live among his people in the country he loves while being aware of the daily risk of remaining there.

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One Response to Sunday morning positivity

  1. hoboduke says:

    When we see the Democrat National Convention debate removing “God” from their platform, it is uplifting to see God save a believer in a hostile land. We need to protect our right to religion in the USA.

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