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on surveillance of the Trump campaign

Andrew McCarthy summarizes the scandal of opening an counterintelligence investigation on a Presidential campaign. The yawns that will come from the political Left when the reports are released will be very revealing. Advertisements

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on Andrew McCabe

So it begins. I have a feeling the next several weeks and months are going to have regular occurrences of releases of information damaging to our view of our governing class. The Inspector General for the Department of Justice released a … Continue reading

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Bret Stephens on reactions to terrorism

In the category of columnists able to see a bigger picture, along with Megan McArdle we can add Bret Stephens, who very specifically points out how the obfuscation about Charlottesville that people rightly denounced has been routinely overlooked when the … Continue reading

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on the press in the age of Trump

It’s been difficult to sort out what’s happening in the United States in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s election as President. One of the main consequences has been a pretty dramatic reassessment of journalism as it’s been practiced. It will … Continue reading

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why language and thought matter

As amusing as this election cycle has been at times, largely due to the clever trolling that has accompanied the presence of Donald Trump, it does demonstrate that the society of the United States has weakened to the point that … Continue reading

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on Trump and evangelicals

Here’s a brief conversation addressing some of the questions that arise concerning the candidacy of Donald Trump and the support of evangelicals. Dr. Jim Eckman is a wise observer of these things, so these 4 minutes won’t be wasted if … Continue reading

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