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on unintended consequences

Walter Russell Mead has been a keen observer of society and its arrangements and structures, especially what he calls the “Blue model” of government, where public spending becomes a key support of economic support for certain demographic groups. Notably in … Continue reading

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how do you solve a problem like San Bernardino?

Having lived in San Bernardino for 12 years through 90’s into the 00’s, I try to stay aware of what’s going on there. Since last year, most of the reporting has been about its fiscal failings and its efforts to … Continue reading

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tomorrow’s (US) news today (from Cyprus)

Imagine, if your finances are anything like mine, having a checking account balance of $2000 this weekend. Monday is a holiday, so no bank transactions will be processed until Tuesday. The first transaction on Tuesday, you learn, will be to … Continue reading

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The scandal of government injustice

One of the most egregious acts of the current administration was the handling of the automotive financial crisis in 2009. The decision of the federal government to control the bankruptcy proceedings, and in the process violate normal bankruptcy law to … Continue reading

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