on Ben Shapiro

It’s tempting to say there are two “Americas,” one in which Ben Shapiro is a fairly typical conservative commentator (at least in the substance of his thinking; he’s atypically lucid and engaging), and one in which he is a violent (on the basis of his speech) white supremacist. There’s actually a third America in which Ben Shapiro is unknown, but we’ll leave them alone, as we should. And as Mr. Shapiro would, I think, if asked. But I digress.

Denizens of these two “Americas” were in relative proximity in Berkeley, CA, last night. I say “relative,” because after events of the past several months the university and the city were compelled to maintain a strict buffer zone between the two, one in the auditorium where Mr. Shapiro was speaking and the other across a plaza in buildings and walkways with a view to his speaking venue.

Which “America” represents reality and which is living in a hallucination? [I’m drawing on Scott Adams and his metaphor here.] Perhaps the first step in coming to a conclusion would be to consider Mr. Shapiro directly by hearing him communicate what he believes. At that point one could be in a position to assess whether his ideas are those of a fairly typical conservative commentator or whether they are those of a violent white supremacist.

With that, for your consideration, Ben Shapiro’s speech and Q&A from Berkeley, CA, September 14, 2017.

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One Response to on Ben Shapiro

  1. David Robertson says:

    Though I disagree quite a bit on some issues, agree on others, he’s definitely not the violent white supremacist he’s often framed as. Like many other intelligent conservative speakers out these days, I think the accusers simply haven’t taken their time to actually listen to him.

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