on discourse about disagreements

One of the more significant features of the current moment is the extent to which political allegiance has become for so many an all or nothing proposition. It is impossible for some to even acknowledge a weakness in their own point of view, or to acknowledge the strength of some aspect of the opposing point of view, whether it’s gun rights, abortion, immigration, climate science, or the presidency of Donald Trump. Anyone who deigns to acknowledge the slightest deviation from absolute agreement with the absolute extreme of one side is banished. This has led to much of the violent mob actions in 2017.

Damon Linker writing for The Week provides a wonderful model from the Left of how to do better, and how to do very well in talking about these things. He is a voice of reason in an online cacophony. Here he makes suggestions on how to work on the question of immigration and refugees. (h/t Clifford Humphrey). That’s just a taste of his approach to these things. He’s always worth reading.

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