on financial peace

In preparation for signing up for a Financial Peace University course this summer, I tracked down this article I remembered from a few years back, just to refresh my memory. It was a good prompt to go ahead and commit the time and money.

There are critics of Dave Ramsey’s approach, and I’ve noticed some times when it’s prudent to be more flexible than he appears to be on certain things, but with two kids in college starting this fall and an aging house, my wife and I need to break out of normal and get weird with our financial picture. I liked this summary quote from the article:

Americans aren’t going to fix our national financial problems until a lot more people decide to drop out of the “normal” competition to see who can borrow the most money in order to bid on a fixed number of homes in affluent school districts and places at selective colleges. You don’t need to be a Christian to look for a better way. Even an unbeliever knew enough to listen up when he saw the bright light on the road to Damascus.

Here’s to being part of the solution.

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