on riding season

We had a nice stretch of weather a few weeks ago, and I managed to get a few bicycle rides in, about 50 miles total over the week. It was a good warm-up, though it also was a pretty good reminder that this winter was long, and my condition was not what I would have wished.

But today is perfect. 70’s and sunny. I decided to put the bike on the rack so I could ride home. And it was good.

The route I chose to get home is 25 miles, a combination of urban bike lanes and a well-paved shoulder along a local highway. One thing about being on a route like that is there’s no way out. The choice is keep going until the driveway. And for most of the ride that was no problem.

About 5 miles from home, though, my left thigh started cramping. I don’t think I’ve ever had that happen before. It worked itself out, but about a mile from home, I turned to the west, into the wind, on a little incline, and both thighs started to seize up. I pretty well coasted for about three blocks, and was pretty depressed about how hard it felt just to keep going up the little rises in the neighborhood streets.

But the last stretch went better (that it was mostly descending helped), and landing at the house was a pretty good reward. My thighs will be sore tonight, but that’s not really a bad thing.

So yeah, I’ve got a long way to go if we’re going to ride a century in September. But with riding season now underway, I’m going to enjoy getting ready.

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One Response to on riding season

  1. The Healthy Fellow says:

    Love great biking days

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