on stewarding creation

I’m pretty sure there’s a lot more to the role of humans on earth than cleaning up their backyards, although there is something to that phrase, “clean up your own backyard.”

Anyway, there’s nothing like Spring winds and a healthy dog to render a back yard pretty nasty looking (and smelling if you’re not careful where you walk). Our neighbor to the southwest has a couple of large trees that provide great shade in the summer, but they drop a lot of leaves in Autumn and dead twigs and limbs during Winter and Spring. What is supposed to be lawn has been looking pretty chaotic.

Yesterday was a nice afternoon, so while I cleaned up the sticks my daughter cleaned up after her dog, and what do you know, all of a sudden (well, after 45 minutes or so) things were looking a lot better.

And my soul is better for it. Tending to the little plot of creation where I live seems to do me some good, too, as if it’s also a way I tend to my soul.

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