update on fitness journey

Every long journey starts with a single step, so the saying goes, but the rest of the image has to be the thousands of small steps, one after the other, following that first one. Those are just as necessary, and just as difficult sometimes, as the first one.

Tuesday, April 1 I did push ups and squats. No problem. Thursday the 3rd I did those plus sit ups. I knew the sit ups would be the most difficult, and they were, but I did the 24 according to the plan.

I can still feel them. My lower abs are still sore, and my lower back muscles are sore. This could be a problem.

Yesterday I did the squats and push ups, but for my abs, rather than traditional sit ups, I did 24 “trunk curls” (from the “Spine Health” site). I’m definitely going to have to be careful in the future, spending time conditioning my abs and lower back muscles before worrying about strengthening them.

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