on culture and life

Given the current rhetoric about Kermit Gosnell, the man on trial in Philadelphia for killing newborns in his abortion clinic, I suspect Mike Bird is correct that before long our culture will be conducting a very explicit, public debate about making infanticide an acceptable practice.

Planned Parenthood has recently defended infanticide: If you pay money, you are owed a dead baby! I think infanticide is a logically consistent corollary of abortion. If you are going to terminate a child in utero, then let’s be honest, going six inches down the birth canal can hardly change the infant’s legal rights or ontological status. So infanticide is just a logical outworking of abortion.

Whether there ever was or even should be a meaningful “Christendom” is perhaps questionable, and to what extent Western Culture has ever reflected biblical virtues is a point of discussion, but a culture moving clearly and steadily on the course “the West” is currently on is not one that will ever in any meaningful way be appropriately described as “just.”

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