how do you solve a problem like San Bernardino?

Having lived in San Bernardino for 12 years through 90’s into the 00’s, I try to stay aware of what’s going on there. Since last year, most of the reporting has been about its fiscal failings and its efforts to recover.

Whether or not bankruptcy can create an environment where the city can recover is an open question. The structural problems the city faces are enormous. So perhaps it’s not a surprise to see a suggestion that a better solution would be to dis-incorporate the city entirely. It’s an intriguing proposal.

The notion that the county as a whole would be better able to dispose of the city’s obligations seems logical. My fear, though, would be that such a step would serve as a practice run for the state as a whole. In other words, the time will come when California can’t meet its obligations. Dis-incorporating an entire state isn’t going to happen, but I doubt that will stop Sacramento (or Springfield, Illinois if they go down first) from seeking to fob off on the rest of the nation the obligations they’ve racked up over the past 5 or 6 decades.

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