more on FAU and incompetence in intercultural communications

The depressing state of affairs vividly displayed at FAU is helpfully described, analyzed, and put in the wider context of higher education in the United States by Greg Lukianoff, whose organization does yeoman’s work in helping students defend themselves and their rights.

You should read the whole thing, but here’s part of the key paragraph:

“I have zero doubt that a professor would have immediately understood the problem with the assignment if the name to be written on the paper had been “Mohammed” or “Martin Luther King” instead of Jesus. I also hope that a professor would understand he had crossed a line if he asked an atheist, like me, to bow down to a shrine. The fact is that universities these days rely on double standards to function, as the overwhelming majority of colleges, like FAU, maintain unconstitutional speech codes that typically ban inappropriate, offensive, or hurtful speech. If the plain language of these codes were followed, they would not last a day, since every professor and student would be found guilty of violating them. In order to exist, these kinds of codes must be selectively applied.”

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