things that help me sleep at night, or:

“Why Christian Universities are likely to survive the coming shakeout.”

Higher Education is facing some stiff headwinds in the near future, given the “new normal” of slow economic growth and high student loan debt that may lead to a new crisis before long. Not a few colleges and universities will close entirely, I suspect.

Blatant hostility toward Christianity in academia, as illustrated in the recent situation at Florida Atlantic University, in a country that still comprises a high percentage of Christian believers, is something that will increasingly affect the choices of parents and new students of Christian faith. The days when Christian parents and students could simply plan on enrolling and earning a degree without considering the campus environment are coming to an end.

Many Christian families I think will realize that the costs of university go beyond finances, time, and effort. There’s a cost to being subject to the process of “othering” characteristic of the intellectual trends that dominate secular academia. Education itself suffers as well. Finding a college or university that does not include the personal costs of hostility and the educational costs of a blinkered ideology will make the cost/benefit analysis of Christian higher education more favorable than it might have been in the past.

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