tomorrow’s (US) news today (from Cyprus)

Imagine, if your finances are anything like mine, having a checking account balance of $2000 this weekend. Monday is a holiday, so no bank transactions will be processed until Tuesday. The first transaction on Tuesday, you learn, will be to take $125 out of your account to be transferred to the government t0 prevent default, leaving you with $1875. That’s what’s happening in Cyprus.

Don’t you feel good knowing that what you thought you had earned and set aside to use for your family’s needs is instantly acquirable by the government, with one of the main reasons was that they “‘avoided salary and pension cuts’ for public sector workers”?

It does go to show that there are some who do believe that the State precedes the people, and the people are meant to support the government, that a government has a people, rather than there existing a society of people that has a government to support that society. One wonders how many people consider it possible that the government of the United States could possible act in this way.

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