on the conflict of kingdoms

The life of Pope Francis is in the process of being examined and evaluated by the powers that be in this world. Given his place as the new leader of the Roman Catholic Church, much of the examination by those powers is being done in hope of undermining his ability to advance the kingdom of God. I’m sure he’s not surprised, and I suspect he can handle it.

From this profile in the Washington Post, it seems that his experience in Argentina will serve him well in his confrontations with the earthly powers seeking to render him ineffective. I certainly don’t know enough about Argentina’s church/state relations in the post-WWII era to assess the accusations made or the circumstances of his more recent challenges to the government. Perhaps he’s learned much both from faithfulness and failure.

He appears to have a healthy wariness of the promises of governments to serve the agenda of God’s kingdom, and an encouraging willingness to challenge the ways they promote their own agendas to the detriment of God’s. It will be good if he carries that priority throughout his tenure as Pope.

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