Federal spending is a moral issue

It’s become a bit of a trope among some to remark that the U.S. federal budget is a moral document. Curiously, I haven’t noted much moral concern that there is currently no functioning federal budget, since no budget resolution has been passed out of the Senate since 2009. Continuing resolutions have maintained the steady increase of federal spending, though, the sequester notwithstanding, so perhaps the nation’s moral standing is secure for now.

One wonders, though, about a moral stance that seems to find unobjectionable the “new normal” of annual budget deficits in the range of $1 trillion, increasing numbers of citizens receiving federal transfer payments of several kinds, declining median incomes, and an economic rate of growth too slow create jobs for millions of Americans who want one.

Senator Jeff Sessions delivered the Republican weekly address this past Saturday, and it is worth reading in full. I ran across a copy of the transcript here.

The blog post ends with this trenchant remark: “Obamanomics works great for some people: union bosses, scammers who sell “green” illusions, lobbyists, Obama administration cronies, bureaucrats, government contractors with pull. But Obamanomics, a deeply immoral system of institutionalized cronyism, is bad for nearly everyone else.”

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