though it ended well

I have to conclude that this story is more evidence that all is most certainly NOT well.

Someone called the police, reporting a man’s Facebook profile picture that included part of a mortar in the background. The police responded with a team of 5 officers, at least two quite heavily armed.

But look at that picture. Who could possibly mistake that figurine for an actual human person? Who reacts to a picture like that in fear, and why? The failure to even pause to consider what is being seen before reacting is a sign that all is most certainly not well.

The article states the officers were embarrassed by the mistake, but was anyone reprimanded? Is a mere report of what appears to be a mortar in a Facebook picture enough to prompt a police raid on a private residence? Do the police in Gloucestershire do any investigative work before they react? If not, why not? And if they did investigate the evidence offered by the nincompoop who called it in, did the police miss the obvious?

I’m glad everyone involved escaped harm, and that everyone seems to have kept a good humor about what happened. But let’s be honest. In a reasonably healthy, intelligent society, it never would have happened. All ended well, but all is not well.

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