It’s not just in New York City

The author of this piece on what has led to homeschooling his sons addresses dilemmas specific to New York City, but a lot of the issues are relevant across the country these days. This is another example of changes coming soon to the system of education in the United States. Higher education is going to change dramatically, I think, but so is K-12, and for related reasons.

As a college professor I can attest to one of the comments to the article (The comments on this one are actually thoughtful and worth reading!) that the homeschooled students in my classes are frequently among the best prepared for university level study. The problem of parental involvement, as is often noted, is one of the main issues for K-12 teachers, of whom my wife is one. Parent-teacher conferences in the fall often explain to her much of what she has observed in her students in the first month or so of school.

Our own daughters have flourished, for the most part, in public school, both during their early elementary years in southern California and now through their high school in Nebraska. There have been some difficulties, of course, and to be honest, the trend line of their experience has been moving in the wrong direction. I’m glad we’re just a few years from the end of public school. If we were starting now, we’d probably be teaching them ourselves.


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