Are Axelrod, Plouffe, et al, ignorant or mendacious?

This is a remarkable report on the current approach of the President’s closest campaign advisers and their attempt to sway voters against Paul Ryan. The option given in the article, reflected in the title of this post, is, frankly, a bit generous. If the leading voices of the President’s reelection campaign are in fact ignorant of the proposal of Rep. Ryan for reforming Medicare, it is a studied ignorance, carefully cultivated and intentionally maintained.

The apparent strategy of the President’s campaign is, if I may make an ironic choice of adjective, audacious. The strategy itself is unfortunately ironic in light of the 2008 campaign message of then Senator Obama. That as President he has routinely deconstructed his own rhetoric and posture from that campaign should create some pause for his supporters.

Equally ironic is the extent to which the Obama campaign hopes to maintain the ignorance of voters about the $700 billion+ that Obamacare takes from Medicare, the President having done already what they’re accusing Ryan and Romney of proposing. The real threat to today’s seniors is nicely illustrated in this excellent cartoon.

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