not our last yard sign

Over the weekend I mentioned how, because of a somewhat ironic inspiration, we wound up meeting one of the candidates for our state legislature. Her story and experience are a positive thing for our state government, so we agreed to support her, going “so far” as to put a sign in our yard signaling our support. To be honest, that was probably as much as I would have done, given all that is going on this fall.

As fate would have it, someone decided to steal our yard sign. Knowing how politics works these days I’m pretty sure they didn’t want to display it themselves. I have no reason to suspect that Ms. Turco’s opponent would approve, yet it does display the character of her opponent’s supporters, and I’d prefer their preferred candidate not succeed to a position of power in the state.

We’ll put up a new yard sign, and we’ll probably find both money and time to donate now on behalf of Acela Turco’s candidacy. I’m a little upset. Her opponent’s supporters would probably have liked it better if I hadn’t gotten upset.

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One Response to not our last yard sign

  1. John Powell says:

    Exactly. Now they just have made you more active for your candidate!

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