Our first election-year yard sign

We had an ironic coincidence Friday. While I was talking with my friend John on the phone, catching up on life, another call beeped in. I have no idea how to switch over on my cell phone, so I ignored it while John and I talked.

One thing John mentioned as we talked was his growing sense of needing to be involved more directly in our country’s political process, taking personal action along with his study and teaching on the topic. Lots of us could probably benefit from that notion.

Ironically, the phone call was from a representative of a candidate for our state legislature. She left a voice mail message to let me know that a couple in our neighborhood was hosting a gathering for her, where she could share her background, ideas for helping the state, and answer questions from those present.

As I listened to the message, it struck me that this was a small way to put into practice what John had talked about. I’ve never interacted on a personal level with a candidate for office. Obviously it’s easier with a state legislature candidate than US Senator or President, but the ability to have influence is greater as well. So we went.

Heather went with us, and she met a couple of college students working with the candidate. That was interesting. And of course we enjoyed hearing from the candidate. She and her family immigrated from Cuba in the mid-60’s, she and her husband are small business owners, and she has some important experience working with the state’s foster care system.

The long and short of it is that Michelle signed us up for a yard sign, which is now in our front yard. It’s not a huge step, but it’s a first step toward a greater level of involvement in the future of the state, and maybe the country. It’s kind of exciting.

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3 Responses to Our first election-year yard sign

  1. John Powell says:

    Yes!!!!! Mark, I’m always amazed by the various things that we have shared in common (The Beatles, being pretty even in playing each other in board wargames as kids, Silver St. School, ERMS, our interests in history/politics and most importantly, Christian theology), including the fact that a couple of months ago, a guy running for state rep came to our door and I agreed to support his campaign after talking with him. Here’s to getting involved. The personal is political.

    • Wordsson says:

      That is a fun list. It makes me smile to think of the things we share.

      The door to door campaigns happen here too, and I’m usually left wishing I knew something about the issues and candidates before they come to my door so I can really understand what they’re talking about and whether or not I can support them. I guess I need to start studying the place I live.

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