When political discussion is impossible

Here is a woman representing the Obama re-election campaign. In her view there is no reasoned disagreement with the President’s policies. Therefore, if someone does not support the President, that person must be a racist.

Her claim runs like this. All intelligent people understand 1) that our current economic conditions are the fault of President Bush and 2) that President Obama’s policies cannot be connected in any way to the persistently high unemployment and slow economic growth of the past three years, because he’s been doing the right things. Therefore, to claim that the policies enacted under the President’s leadership are positively related to the current weakness in the economy cannot be the result of thoughtful consideration. Apparently in her view the only other explanation is racism of the worst sort.

Ms. Lucas, with all due respect, which is barely discernible, you are the worst sort of representative of the worst sort of demagoguery in our political class today. You know full well that the discussion you claim is necessary is impossible because you and your ilk have made it impossible by your very own beliefs. On the basis of no evidence whatsoever, you believe that there is no possible explanation for policy disagreement apart from racism, so you will not consider any facts, evidence, or logic from anyone who disagrees with you.

Since in your twisted heart the mere occurrence of policy disagreement proves racism, the only discussion about race in this country you are willing to have with those who disagree with you is how deeply racist they are and whether or not they will admit to what you accuse them of. Since no real evidence or line of thinking brought you to your judgment, there isn’t any discussion about racism to have with you, so you will pardon us if we wash our hands of your meaningless screed and look for someone with honestly held views with whom we can hold some honest discussions about what will actually improve the situation faced by the citizens of this country.

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