on the occasion of David Scholer’s birthday

David Scholer was the program director of the graduate program where I studied for my Ph.D. Because of this I had the privilege of interacting with him on numerous occasions. He provided wise counsel as I planned how to fulfill the degree requirements, he taught the methods course for doctoral students in the New Testament department, he guided my research for one of the sections of my dissertation, and I had the opportunity to work with him as a research assistant on a book project.

My own students may find it illuminating to learn that it was Dr. Scholer who impressed upon me the importance of care and precision in both research and writing. He was meticulous in his coverage of what had been written on a topic as well as accurately reporting it. His long years of scholarship and wide network of friends in the field meant that I was frequently interacting with work written by someone he knew, so I learned to be sure to understand what I was reading before discussing it in front of him.

Dr. Scholer’s wide interests in New Testament and the early church, along with his sense of humor and joy for living, made seminars with him always interesting and very challenging. He played an important part not only in my education but in my understanding of what it means to study the New Testament, and for that I’m grateful on his birthday. Lest we forget.

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