The garden in winter

Last year wasn’t bad in the vegetable garden. The tomatoes did pretty well, and the growing season extended long enough into October to get a late harvest. The black wax beans did very well, twice. And I grew a little sweet corn. Quick maturing, fairly small ears, but tasty. It was a notable first for Michelle, being the first time she’d ever had corn on the cob for dinner that had been pulled off the stalk earlier that day.

Clearing the garden plot was an interesting part of the autumn season. I try to leave as much organic matter as I can, especially the unripened tomatoes on the vine and anything else that will decompose easily. The wind makes a mess of anything that blows around, though, so the dead plants have to be bagged up.

So now my little garden is a bare bed in the backyard resting up for the next season.

A season of rest would be good for my soul, too. God has some additional preparing to do for a season of growth.

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